Rustic Canyon Mens Club

Pace of Play Policy

Our pace of play is expected to be less than 4:45. Slow play impacts your fellow members and all public groups playing behind our tournaments. You are behind when you are not maintaining the same pace of play as the group in front of you. All members are encouraged to be aware of your position on the golf course and maintain pace of play.

Here is something to think about. If each group in our tournament is 1.5 minutes behind it equates to a 5:15 round for last group. If each group is 5 minutes behind it equates to a 6 hour round for the last group.

Please make sure to:

  • Arrive at the teeing area 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time and be ready to play.
  • Play ready golf at all times. Be prepared for your turn: Just because you’re not away doesn’t mean you can’t be reading your own putt or checking your own yardage.
  • Proceed to the next hole if you’re the first one to hole out: Use this when your group is behind to help catch up. There is no penalty for playing out of turn in stroke play to save time so be ready to tee off.
  • Work on a quick and effective pre-shot routine: You shouldn’t need a full minute to gather yourself and focus for your shot.

Rustic Canyon Mens Club
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